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The first step is to always have a plan.
You can't go into building a website without an idea. If you do not have an idea, your site is not going to look the way that you want it to look when it is finally published and ready for public views.


Make sure you allow people to share to other social media sites.
By adding a share button that lets someone easily and quickly share a story or resource from your website to others will immediately boost your website's design. People go to outside sources to find something valuable, but when they can't easily share what they've found, they go to other places.


Be mobile friendly.
A lot of popular websites, despite how hard they try, are not friendly to mobile users. Almost everyone uses a smart phone these days, so why not make sure that your site can be easily viewed on any platform that someone might be using? To quickly improve your web design, make sure people can use it on mobile devices.


Make an easy to use navigation space.
A simple search bar in the corner or side of the screen will help the user find their way through your website. If you plan on having a lot of different sections on your website, a navigation tab, or a search bar, will easily improve the usability of your site.


Make sure you test everything.
You are going to hit road blocks, it's a part of the process. But it's your job to find and fix these road blocks before they become a big problem for everyone involved.


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