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This Week's Podcast : Episode: 21, Medical website design Brisbane

Hi Everyone,

We have recorded a new podcast for our channel 'Web Design Brisbane'.

You can find the youtube video for this podcast embedded below.

Just to give you a little 'behind the scenes' information, I have posted below our show notes.

You will also find below some recent work from our portfolio, as well as directions to find us in Brisbane, Australia.

Of course, our goal is to share our knowledge of web design, web development and web marketing. We want to help you grow your business!

If you have any feedback, please let me know.

Cheers Saul Edmonds

Here is our notes for the podcast recording: Enjoy!

Today's Introduction

In today's episode we will talk about medical web design brisbane
We focus our discussion on local solutions - for small businesses and professional practices  - in Brisbane. 

If you are seeking to grow your medical or healthcare practice online, we hope we can help you learn more about the range of medical website design services and digital marketing solutions that are available today to help you grow your business in new ways.


Today's Contents
Today we will talk about the process involved in medical web design, to better connect with your patients and promote your specialist services online. 

Our topics today include: an overview of recommended approaches when considering a new medical website - and from there we will provide some insights to use when planning your medical website, plus recommendations regarding your website content, design, development and launch


That's a lot to cover here!


Let's Get Started!

Ok. Medical website design - what is the best way to begin your project?

Above all else - your medical website represents your business. Build your website first and foremost for your patients and users. Showcase the positive experiences that you offer to your patients. Make a list of your specific goals you hope to achieve with your website.

Medical Website Planning
What are some key points here?

  • target audience research
  • discussion and feedback between stake holders and your website design agency.
  • develop sitemap
  • optimise for SEO

Medical Website Content
Your website content must communicate clearly to your target audience. 

Some types of content you should consider include:

  • educational content
  • description of services
  • biography of health care providers
  • infographics
  • medical illustrations
  • video content

Medical Website Design and Development
Let's provide an outline of a typical website design and development process.

Your website design begins with your brand. Ideas and concepts are discussed and agreed upon.

From there, a series of visual mockups and wireframes are developed for approval.

When approved all your website pages are designed and your website built. You may choose to build your website on an existing CMS framework such as Wordpress or squarespace - or alternatively build a custom web solution from the ground up.

You should work closely with your web design and development team during this process. They will fine-tune every single element in response to your feedback - to meet your goals.

Medical Website Launch
When you are 100% satisfied, your website is uploaded to your web host and launched. You are now live, online! You website is carefully monitored during this time to ensure performance goals are met.

Thanks for reading and supporting our local podcast!

Saul Edmonds
Founder and Creative Director of Roundhouse, The Creative Agency.

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